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Ground Transportation in Asia

Many taxis (or taxi apps) around Asia result in a poor experience in terms of safety, quality and ease of use.  Vehicles are often poorly maintained, and possibly smoky or without seatbelts, while the 'normal' driving behavior can be a shock to foreign travelers. Depending on the region, communication with the drivers is also difficult as the majority do not speak English.

Asia Car Service address all of these problems by providing reliable, safe, and easy-to-use English speaking private ground transportation services across Asia.

The ACS Standard

At ACS, we understand the standards expected by foreign business travelers and we tailor our service to exceed those expectations. With local operations that cover a majority of the Asian continent, we have intimate knowledge of each unique region and its transport infrastructure, providing prompt, professional service regardless of the location.

From top to bottom, our company is dedicated to customer experience excellence.  This culture is nurtured through professional operational management, continuous customer-focused training of our 24/7 English speaking support team, and use of only select chauffeurs in each location we operate; experienced, professional drivers who demonstrate their commitment to quality in each service they perform, and who are trained to ACS best-in-class service level standards.

Working with ACS

Working with us affords visitors to Asia greater travel flexibility – you control where and when you go efficiently, safely, and comfortably. With our comprehensive range of transportation services, we ensure you, your guests or clients enjoy a smooth journey throughout Asia.

Our Team

Quality Through Innovation

At ACS, we pursue excellence in customer experience by focusing on first-class interactions at every touch-point, from inquiry to service to billing. In support of this pursuit is our continuous dedication to technological innovation.  We've developed proprietary CRM software and applications that make it simple for client accounts to reserve, personalize and manage their booking, while at the same time ensuring efficient oversight and execution of each service according to each client's unique service preferences and requirements.  

Asia Car Rider Customer App

Make bookings easily on the go with Asia Car Rider, our customer App developed for both personal and corporate account users alike. From your account dashboard make expedited bookings under your account for yourself, clients or colleagues, add authorized users to your account, preview and manage upcoming bookings, view previous bookings and export travel spend data.  

You can also access your client account dashboard online via desktop or mobile. 

Partner API Integration

API integrations create enormous reservations and billing efficiencies, afford our customers the peace of mind to receive real-time updates on the status of their clients' services, and allow us to scale our cooperation with service partners.  If you are interested in integration, please contact us for more information. 

Driver App

Our driver app is used by ACS chauffeurs to ensure perfect service execution.  Your chauffeur will preview your or your customer's upcoming service details, including all personalized requirements, and prepares accordingly.  Asia Car Driver also tracks your service status, which can be passed through to clients by email or API, so that you can know in real-time that your customer has been picked up and dropped off at the end of service.