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From Tokyo to Yokohama Cruise Port: 3 Best Ways

by Asia Car Service

A “Magical” Modern Metropolis

Regardless of what you may have seen in movies, anime, or other big cities, there’s nothing that can quite prepare you for the experience of visiting Tokyo. With its glitter of neon lights (like stars in the night sky), small izakaya bar alleys, world-class cuisine, deep-rooted culture, and long history, Tokyo is truly a magical city.

A Journey on the Seas!

Consequently, if you’re traveling through and wish to see more Japanese cities, outside of Tokyo, you might consider hopping on a cruise at Tokyo’s Yokohama Cruise Port. Opened in 1850 this port was Japan’s first modern, international trading port. Today, the majority of cruise ships dock at Yokohama Port’s Osanbashi Pier, located 20 miles (32 km) southwest of Tokyo.

1. Public Transport

A possible route from Tokyo to Yokohama Port is with public transportation. Tokyo has one of the most extensive public transport networks in the world, a dense network of trains, subways, and buses. The only downside is that it can be crowded at times and the changes in transport make it less than convenient if you’re traveling with luggage.

Nevertheless, if you don’t mind the longer waiting times and moving about the stations with your luggage in a “Frogger” arcade-game fashion, public transportation can offer you a more local travel experience. 

Narita Airport to Yokohama

The exact route you’ll take depends mostly on where you’re traveling from. If you’re traveling from Tokyo Narita International Airport, you can: 

  1. Take the Narita Express (N’EX) train to Yokohama Station (~90mins, ¥4090)
  2. Then, take the Minatomirai Line to Nihon-Odori Station (~6mins, ¥210)
  3. And finally, walk to the Osanbashi Pier (~5mins)

Tickets: Tickets for the Narita Express are available at the ticket office of the Narita Airport train stations (you can also use a JR-Trains Pass). Tickets for the Minatomirai Line are available at the station ticket machines or with Pasmo and Suica Smart Travel Cards.

Haneda Airport to Yokohama

If, on the other hand, you land into Haneda Airport, the more common terminal for national flights, you’ll need to take a different route to the port:

  1. Take Keikyu Airport Kyuko (Express) service to Yokohama Station (~30mins, ¥450)
  2. Then, take the Minatomirai Line to Nihon-Odori Station (~6mins, ¥210)
  3. And finally, walk to the Osanbashi Pier (~5mins)

Tickets: Tickets for the Keikyu Airport Express are available at the airport or with the Pasmo or Suica travel cards. 

2. Tokyo Car Service

By far, the most convenient and worry-free solution for your transfers within Tokyo is by hiring a private car service to handle the details for you. No need to battle busy stations while dragging your luggage; have total certainty of fares and that you’ll get the right car for your group; and ease into the comfort of knowing someone will be waiting there for you when you arrive.

A car service offers you a door-to-door transfer from the airport or from your hotel directly to the port, all catered to your specific needs. It’s as simple as sending the company your itinerary and requirements (passengers, luggage, desired pickup time, etc.), and letting them handle the rest. Travel safely and in style with a professional local driver and with 24-hour customer assistance at your disposal.

3. Tokyo Airport Taxi

Taxis are available throughout Tokyo and can be hailed at the airports or outside train, subway, and bus stations. Though they are, for the most part, readily available when you need them, there are a few details to consider before taking one:

  1. Most taxis can only take up to 4 passengers, any other passengers will require a second car.
  2. Though they do fit 4 passengers, most taxis have limited luggage space and might not have the space to handle the luggage of 4 passengers.
  3. Fares begin at ¥730 and will rise ¥90 every 280 meters, or when stopped in traffic.
  4. Taxis mostly accept cash, few accept credit cards.
  5. Drivers will speak very little English, it’s best to prepare a few phrases ahead of time.

Though there are a few disadvantages to taking a taxi, it’s important to note that taxis in Tokyo are safe and will always use the meter to calculate their fares. Though the trip can prove to be a bit costly, the drivers are honest and safe (and they have GPS to find where you need to go).

Best Way to Get Around?

Ultimately, the best way to get around will depend entirely on your specific needs. If you’d rather take the local route and experience Tokyo’s vast public transportation network, consider riding the trains. If, on the other hand, you’re pressed for time and just want to arrive and figure out the details as you go, a taxi might be a better option.

Nevertheless, we would highly recommend a bit of planning ahead of time to avoid any trouble, this way you can really squeeze the juice out of your time in Japan. That’s why we always recommend a reliable car service that already knows where to pick you up, where you’re going, and what you’ll need on your way.

Most of All, Enjoy!

It’s important to make sure these travel details are handled before your trip, so you won’t waste any time worrying about them. Most importantly, however, remember that you’re diving into one of the world’s most iconic cultures and, as such, you deserve some relaxing time for exploring. 

Attend a tea ceremony, soak in an onsen, have a drink at an izakaya, or try some local foods (ramen and sushi are a must)! Oh, and before you go, let us know in the comments if there’s any place you would highly recommend or are looking forward to visiting. Have a great trip!

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