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How to Get From Bali Airport to Ubud

by Asia Car Service

If you’re trying to figure out the best way to get to your holiday resort in Ubud from Bali International Airport, then you’ve come to the right place. For those arriving at Bali (Ngurah Rai) International Airport for the first time, the number of transport options available to reach Ubud could be a little overwhelming. To get your vacation started on the right foot, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you find the best way for you to get from Bali Airport to Ubud.

There are four primary modes of transportation from Bali Airport to Ubud – taxis, shuttles, hotel provided cars, and car services. In this post, we compare these transportation options based on the following criteria:

Time: How many hours do I have to spend to get from Bali Airport to my Ubud destination?

Convenience: How many transit switches and different modes of transport will I have to make?

Comfort: How comfortable am I sharing a full vehicle, and walking with all my luggage for varying distances at different points in the journey?

Cost: What is my budget for this journey? Am I willing to spend more for a reduced time, increased convenience, and comfort?

Option 1: Bali to Ubud by Taxi

Taxi sign

Travel Time: ​1.5 – 2h

Convenience: ​Moderate

Comfort: ​Medium

Cost: ​$$$

Summary & Recommendation:

Taxis can provide a quicker way to get from Bali Airport to Ubud. The Bali Airport taxis charge a fixed rate and the total travel cost will depend on your specific destination. These fixed rates are displayed on a big plastic board that hangs near the taxi counter. Depending on the day, the queue to book your taxi could either be a short or long wait.
Once you reach the taxi counter, you can simply inform the clerk where you wish to go and they’ll quote a price based on your desired destination.

When the destination and according price are established, the clerk will hand you a piece of paper with the number of your taxi price of the ride. However, no money should exchange hands at this point. You’ll pay the driver yourself, in cash, once you’ve arrived at your destination.
There is an added level of comfort with a taxi that you likely won’t have when traveling in public transport. Despite the additional comfort, taxis aren’t entirely free of issues or inconveniences. Your taxi might be cramped or small, especially if you’re traveling with more luggage or other

passengers. More so, the way taxi drivers pilot their vehicles may vary drastically between drivers. Some may be careful and conscious of their passengers, while others may wish to arrive as fast as possible, with no concern for reckless driving.

Frankly, the most common issue you’ll face when hiring a local taxi is the language barrier, as most taxi drivers in Bali don’t speak English. If you’re in need of a quicker transport option or are traveling at times when public transport is not available, then the taxi could be a good option to choose.

Travel Steps:

●  International Arrival Terminal

Step 1: ​Exit Arrival Terminal via the glass sliding doors

Step 2: Walk past the “Dufry Shopping” arcade

Step 3: Arrive at the counter, next to the information desk.

Step 4: Book your ride

Step 5: Line up and wait for the next vacant taxi

●  Domestic Arrival Terminal

Step 1: ​Exit the glad sliding doors

Step 2: Turn to your left

Step 3: Locate the taxi stand information desk

Step 4: Book your ride

Step 5: Stand in line and board the next available vehicle

Option 2: Bali to Ubud by Shuttle

Travel Time: ​3-4 hours

Convenience: ​Low

Comfort: ​Low

Cost: ​$

Summary & Recommendation:

Kura Kura Bus is a public shuttle bus service available from the airport. You’ll be glad to know that as of 2018, it’s possible to travel to Ubud via shuttle bus. In fact, Kura Kura is known as the most budget-friendly transport to move across towns. In most cases the shuttle bus is clean, modern, and air-conditioned. When compared to the taxi transport option, however, traveling via a shuttle bus service is less convenient and less comfortable.
Shuttles will stop at multiple destinations on their route. Even after you’ve reached your destination stop, you’ll have to either walk or take a taxi to your hotel or final destination in Ubud. Every hour from 9:00 – 20:25, a shuttle bus departs to Ubud. Thus, shuttle transport services have fixed scheduled and, therefore, you’ll have to plan your itinerary around their timetable.
Traveling via shuttle is only recommended for those who are looking for the most budget-friendly transport option and have plenty of time to reach their final destination.

Travel Steps:

Step 1: Arrive at the Bali Airport Arrival Hall and make your way to the DFS Bus Ray (Line 5)

Step 2: Purchase a ticket from the counter, to Ubud

Step 3: Wait for the next available shuttle and board

Step 4: Travel to your station

Step 5: Exit the shuttle and make your way to your final destination.

Option 3: Bali to Ubud by Car Service

A chauffeur opening the car doors

Travel Time: ​1-2 hours

Convenience: ​High

Comfort: ​High

Cost: Get A Quote

Summary & Recommendation:

Car service is by far the most convenient, comfortable, and reliable transport solution. This single step door-to-door transport service will provide you with the most benefits. You’ll get responsible and experienced drivers who know the best routes and can speak English. They’ll be able to accommodate to your schedule and will know your itinerary before you’ve even arrived. All booking and planning is done ahead of time in a quick and efficient manner. The best part of the car service is that it is available 24 hrs. So, there are no waiting times, no ticket purchases, and no last-minute mishaps.

You should consider a Bali Airport Car Service if you want a premium level of comfort during your travel to Ubud. The car service offers additional peace of mind, complete convenience and comfort, zero planning and no line up for a taxi.

Travel Steps​: Exit Airport Arrival Terminal > Meet your professional driver with your personalized name-sign > Get into your car > Travel to your destination.

Option 4: Bali to Ubud by Hotel Provided Car

Travel Time: ​1-2 hours

Convenience: ​Medium

Comfort: ​Medium

Cost: ​$$

Summary & Recommendation:

In comparison to the taxi and shuttle transport from Denpasar Airport to Ubud, the hotel provided car is a more convenient and comfortable option. You don’t have to purchase any tickets at the terminal or pre-plan to access your hotel provided car. However, you’ll need to pre-arrange your car with your hotel .

The main issues you may face are time, reliability, and quality. When it comes to considering hotel-provided car service, there are several things you should consider to avoid any unexpected inconveniences.

Does the hotel manage their own cars or will they be outsourcing your transport? Some hotels prefer to outsource their car services to reduce their costs. In these situations they’ll either hire a local driver or taxi to meet you at the airport.

Will the vehicle transport you privately or wait for several other travelers? What is the quality of the vehicle? Is the driver responsible or reckless when they are behind the wheel? All of these really matter for your comfort and convenience during the travel to your destination.

The greatest benefit of hiring a hotel-arranged car transport is that it will take you directly to your destination. There should be no other stops along the way, making it one of the quickest options.

Travel Steps:

Step 1: Exit the Arrival Terminal

Step 2: Look for your hotel car

Step 3: Get in the car

Step 4: Travel to your Ubud hotel

Final Thoughts

Every transport option has its own pros and cons for an Airport transfer to your Ubud hotel. However, transport options like the taxi and shuttle are probably better suited when traveling outside your home country, as there are less chances of a miscommunication mishap.

If you’re traveling to Asia for the first time, you’ll probably experience several new challenges along the way. Inconvenient language barriers, carrying of luggage for longer distances, and changes in transport are all things inexperienced travelers have to deal with on their first visit. In such cases, taking a car service is recommended to save time, and adds an additional comfort and convenience to your experience. A car service offers professional drivers who will greet you on your arrival and will wait for you even if your flight is delayed or arrives early. All car services are door-to-door, so you’re guaranteed a smooth ride to your final destination.

Hopefully with this guide you’re better prepared for what to expect on your visit to Bali. At least in terms of transport, you’ll know exactly what’s available and which choice is best for you.

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