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Best Bangkok Cocktail Bars & Restaurants With Stunning City Views

by Asia Car Service

Did you know that in the year 2013, Bangkok has surpassed London and acquired the number one spot for best tourist destination? From shopping centers to spicy food, everything about this city is extraordinary. The capital of Thailand offers luxury in one corner and entertainment in the other. And the best thing is that it is more affordable than other popular tourist places. 

If you have planned to visit Bangkok at some point in life, then you must have heard of the best sky bars in Bangkok. The city has a big list of the must-see skyscrapers and exotic bars and restaurants. With the luxurious lifestyle and cheap prices, every visitor considers this place a vacation paradise. Having a rich culture and holding the title for Thailand’s economy, politics, education, media, and modern society, Bangkok provides all its visitors with so many different experiences.

You might already know Bangkok for its street life or cultural landmarks, but your vacation won’t be complete until you have seen the top 5 sky-high bars and restaurants in the capital. So, let’s start with the list of Bangkok bars and restaurants with amazing views that will make your visit even more magical. 

1. Vertigo & Moon Bar

Vertigo and Moon bar in Bangkok Thailand

The reason Vertigo is on the number one spot on the list of the top five rooftop bars in Bangkok is because it will give you a feeling that you are on a spaceship. The whole city looks like it is shining back upon you, while you are enjoying the variety of dishes and cocktails. The bar is on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel and it has been a favorite spot for tourists for a very long time. 

Step into the hotel, take a lift for the 60th floor and there you will see the Bai Yun Chinese Restaurant. Walk past the restaurant and climb up a flight of stairs to get to the bar. If you are going to this sky-high bar, try to overcome your fear of heights before you step outside. The moment you get to the rooftop, there will be a stunning view of the city stretching before you and a clear blue sky above you. 


2. Sky Bar Rooftop At Lebua

Sky Bar Rooftop At Lebua

This Rooftop Bar in Bangkok has the view of the river flowing right in the middle of the city. This bar and restaurant was even filmed in the Hollywood movie Hangover II which inspired the creation of new drink called Hangovertini. This bar is on the 63rd floor and overlooking the river. There is a gold dome on the roof which makes the building much more attractive. The place is always crowded by the tourists so you might have a bit of difficulty finding a table right away. Don’t let it discourage you as the customer service here is impeccable. The Lebua at State Tower is a perfect place for both a fun night and business meetings. 

3. Octave At Bangkok Marriott Hotel

Octave At Bangkok Marriott Hotel

If you want to enjoy a romantic evening watching a beautiful sunset, then Octave is the place you should visit. There is no other rooftop bar that offers a 360-degree view of the city like this, and for that reason it is considered to be the best restaurant with a view in Bangkok. The bar and lounge area is on the 45th floor. 

This bar ensures that every customer gets a preferred choice of seating. The place is on three levels. The first level is ideal for business dinner and group meetings. On the second level, there is a balcony bar which is glamorous and has the perfect party vibe. And on the top level, you will get the spectacular 360-degree view. Hurry up and put this rooftop bar on your to-do list when in  Bangkok. 

4. Park Society Rooftop at So Sofitel

Park Society Rooftop at So Sofitel Bangkok

The moment you step foot in this place, it becomes obvious why it is among the Best Sky Restaurants in Bangkok. As the list of rooftop bars in Bangkok was expanding, it was getting hard to find another amazing view for the customers. However, Park Society took this as a challenge and built a bar with the view of stunning Lumpini Park and beyond that the beautiful skyline of the city. This bar is more affordable when compared to Vertigo and Octave but the quality of service isn’t compromised. 

5. Above Eleven Rooftop Bar

Above Eleven Rooftop Bar Bangkok

When we are talking about the best rooftop and sky-high bars in Bangkok, how can we forget to mention a place that will leave you stunned? Above Eleven is on the 32nd floor of the building and gives the most vibrant feel. The Peruvian cuisine, value for money signature cocktails and the modern party music makes this bar different than others. The three-floor bar will give you a warm feel and a view of the famous shopping malls in Bangkok. 

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