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Seoul: 5 Classy Restaurant & Bars with Amazing Views

by Asia Car Service

If you’re spending a day sightseeing, enjoying a fun night in Hongdae, or wish to “wine” down after a busy day of work, Seoul makes it easy to find a nice rooftop bar and restaurant in your vicinity. 

Whether it is the food in cozy restaurants or tasty beverages in Cafes with amazing view of Seoul, there will definitely be plenty of options to choose from. At present, Seoul is one of the top-listed locations where all visitors can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines and street food. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

For those planning on visiting South Korea and hanging around Hongdae or Gangnam area, we recommend visiting some of the best places to enjoy the view of the city, accompanied with delicious food and drinks. We have gathered up a list of the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Seoul you don’t want to miss during your upcoming trip to Seoul. 

1. L7 Rooftop Floating, Myeong-dong

The L7 lies in the list of best bars and restaurants in Seoul due to its modern bar, amazing space, variety of food, craft beer, signature cocktails, homey atmosphere, and so much more. Interestingly enough, it does not make it to most recommendation listings due to the lack of promotion. However, it is recently starting to be recognized as one of the trendiest places to visit.  Thanks to its quality of service and a great view, L7 competes with some of the most popular rooftop bars in Seoul. 

L 7 consists of both indoor and outdoor spaces and stretches across the entire 21st floor of the L7 Myeong-dong hotel, making it one of the biggest rooftop bars in Korea. 

This Rooftop bar in Myeong-dong is the only bar that offers a foot bath. However, the bath service is limited to the summer season only. So those wishing to experience the popular bath can pick the summertime for a trip to Seoul. Still, the mesmerizing view, a unique combination of drinks, and the exotic food will make a visit during any season very pleasant. 

For guests that wish to experience the natural beauty of the Namsan mountain top, the Myeongdong Cathedral and Cheonggyecheon, as well as the gleaming lights of the city, L7 will definitely come as the perfect choice. 

2. Lua Rooftop Lounge, Itaewon-dong

Located in the Itaewon is the popular three-story venue Lua Rooftop Lounge. Besides being famous for its relaxed and cozy atmosphere, exquisite wine selection, and panoramic views, it is owned by K-Star Yoo Yeon Suk. Fans might know him from the classic and all-time favorite Korean television series “Reply 1994” or “Whistle” and “Re-encounter” movies.

So it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most frequented rooftop bars and restaurants mainy by those familiar with Yoo Yeon Suk’s work.

The banquet room on the 6th floor is known to have hosted some of the trendiest private parties for K-stars. The bar located on the 7th floor features stunning panoramic views of the Itaewon. Lastly, the 8th floor rooftop seating area is considered to be the perfect spot for date nights. 

Besides its owners fame, Lua Rooftop Lounge is well known for its inviting atmosphere, food and drink selection. Not to forget its amazing location and service. 

Those looking for a unique experience and wishing to enjoy the Seoul City View this lounge bar is the perfect place to visit. 

 3. Hotel Cappuccino Rooftop Bar

Located in Gangnam, on the 17th floor of Hotel Cappuccino is the answer to everyone’s nightlife needs. The Cappuccino rooftop bar offers a view of the south side of the Han River and the old Nonhyeong-dong neighborhood. This rooftop bar is famous not only for its unique panoramic view of “traditional and modern architecture” but also for offering one of the most broad selection of gin. At Hotel Cappuccino visitors can enjoy the view, the ambiance, and the variety of unique drinks. The bar is open every day from 6 pm until 2 am.

If you wish to start one of your evenings with a perfectly mixed and customized gin and tonic, or other type of drink then Cappuccino Rooftop Bar is the place to be. It’s the perfect spot to spend time with colleagues, family, friends, and anyone looking for a fun and enjoyable evening in Seoul.

4. Avant-Garde Rooftop, Itaewon-dong

For those looking for a little different and original experience Avant-Garde it the perfect choice. Situated in the trendy Gyeongnidan area close to Itaewon it offers all its visitors with a unique and artistic experience. Avant-Garde was started as a gallery and cafe, and today it is filled with sculptures, paintings and glass pieces. All created by the artists for sale and as exhibition objects. However, you might not notice the art, as it is purposely positioned around the entire bar to blend in with the interior design.

The bar has two floors, with a third indoor floor and the fourth floor with a rooftop bar, showcasing the view of Seoul N Tower. 

With a perfect combination of cuisine, drinks, quiet and cosy atmosphere it is considered to be one of the best rooftop bars in Itaewon-dong area. 

As such it is also considered a perfect place for visitors looking to have a nice get-together with colleagues, friends, or loved ones. All while enjoying some of the Avant-Garde’s signature cocktails.   

5. My Sky, Gyeongnidan

Located in the hills of Gyeongnidan, My Sky is known as one of the best Hotel restaurants in Seoul.

As a part of Hong Seok-cheon’s ‘My’ series it is everything one would expect from the celebrity restaurant owner. From vintage Korean furniture to larger than life portraits, this hotel restaurant gives the comfortable and Instagram worthy atmosphere. Every year, My Sky restaurant attracts hundreds and thousands of customers. This rooftop bar offers an incredible view of the Seoul Tower, alongside some of the best Korean dishes and drinks.


All those planning a visit should keep in mind that the place is open only from Wednesday to Monday.

Choosing the Best Rooftop Bar and Restaurant in Seoul

Making a decision on which rooftop restaurant and bars to visit can be tough. Especially with so many brilliant places to choose from!  Whether you prefer a warm and cozy atmosphere like the one in the L7 Rooftop Floating, or you wish to enjoy the busy and chic evenings of Hongdae, there will surely be plenty option available. 

Whichever one of the listed places you pick we wish you a great time. Also, if you have been to one of these places or would like to make suggestions leave us a comment. We would love to hear about it!

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