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From Guangzhou to Dongguan: 3 Best Options

by Asia Car Service

A journey from Guangzhou to Dongguan paints a perfect picture of the growth of China in the past couple of decades. Dongguan is a prefecture-level city which is one of the most prosperous provinces of the country and is located 50 kilometers (31 miles) South of Guangzhou.

The third-largest city in China, Guangzhou is known as a thriving commercial center. If you are going to China for business and are looking to meet your suppliers or visit factories these cities will most probably be on your list. In this guide, we put together a list of all the available transportation options from Guangzhou to Dongguan. 

If you are visiting China for the first time it is good to do research before your trip as travel in China comes with various barriers. Some of which are: the language barrier, Internet firewall, crowded spaces, and streets, etc. We will be looking at the following factors to consider when choosing the best transportation option:

  1. Time: How many hours do I have to spend to get from Guangzhou to my Dongguan destination?

  2. Convenience: How many transit switches and different modes of transport will I have to make?

  3. Comfort: How comfortable am I sharing a full vehicle, and walking with all my luggage for varying distances at different points in the journey?

  4. Cost: What is my budget for this journey? Am I willing to spend more for a reduced time, increased convenience, and comfort?

Whether you are strict on budget or you want to have the most comfortable, reliable and fast transfer experience in China, we’ve got you covered. The following are all the available options from Guangzhou Airport to Dongguan: 

Option 1: Guangzhou to Dongguan by Train:

Train departing Shanghai train station and going to Hangzhou

Travel Time: 2 – 3h

Convenience: Low

Comfort: Moderate

Cost: $$

Summary & Recommendation:

Once you step foot on the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, you will have several different options to get to Dongguan. However, there are no direct train connections between the Guangzhou Airport and Dongguan. You will first need to reach the Guangzhou East Railway Station. The distance between the two is 32 km (20miles). To reach the Guangzhou East Railway station you can use the bus, a taxi or a reliable car service.  

As there are different types of trains available from one city to the other, you can pick the one that suits your budget and time schedule best. The most preferred train is the High-Speed Train that can get you from Guangzhou to the city of Dongguan. 

The train will make stops at three Donggun stations (Dongguan, Dongguan Changping, and Zhangmutou station) before arriving to Shenzhen. You can make sure which of these is the most convenient and closest to your hotel and take a taxi or a car service to reach your final destination. 

A crowded train station in Guangzhou city in China

The train network of China is very complex and often very confusing for international travelers. This option is affordable, however it is time consuming and inconvenient as you need to waste one hour of your time just to arrive at the train station before making your way to Dongguan.

Travel Steps: 

Step 1: Exit the Airport 

Step 2: Get to the Bus Station Arrival Hall B Area of Terminal 1 

Step 3: Buy tickets from the Ticket Office

Step 4: Take a bus from the Route No. 1

Step 5: Arrive at the Guangzhou East Railway Station 

Step 6: Get to the East Station and Buy Ticket for Dongguan

Step 7: Wait for the train and board

Step 8:  Make your way from the train station in Dongguan to your final destination. 

Option 2: Guangzhou to Dongguan by Bus:

A bus traveling from Guangzhou to Dongguan

Travel Time: Around 2h

Convenience: Moderate

Comfort: Low

Cost: $$

Summary & Recommendation:

There are many bus lines at the Guangzhou Airport which directly connect various cities of the country to the airport, including intercity bus service to reach Dongguan. 

There are 2 bus routes  from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Dongguan you can choose from.

The first one being Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Wanjiang (leaving from Gate A5) and second Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Dalang (leaving from Gate A5 and A11). The journey lasts approximately 120 minutes and the buses leave every 30 minutes to one hour. It is important to note the buses don’t operate past 9 pm so we recommend to plan your travel details accordingly. 

Travel steps:

Step 1: Exit the Airport and wait at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 

Step 2: Wait for the next bus to arrive and hop on 

Step 3: Travel to Dongguan 

Step 4: Get off at the closest station to your hotel

Step 5: Make your way to the hotel  

Option 3: Guangzhou to Dongguan by Car Service:  

A smiling man traveling from Guangzhou to Dongguan by a private car service

Travel Time: Around 1h

Convenience: High

Comfort: High

Cost: Get A Quote

Summary & Recommendation:

By far the most convenient, safe and smooth transportation option for your journey from Guangzhou Airport to Dongguan is a Private Car Service

With a private transfer you can enjoy a premium door-to-door service. There is no need for extensive research before your trip and figuring out which train or bus station to arrive, depart from or get off at. With an easy-to-book online system you can have a professional and friendly English speaking driver meet you at your arrival, escort you to a modern vehicle of your own choice and take you directly to your hotel. 

Another advantage of choosing a private transfer is the flexibility. Our experienced 24/7 Customer Support team is on-hand for all inquiries and information prior to your booking and during your travels. Whether you arrive late at night or in the early morning hours, ACS will arrange a timely and worry-free pickup from the Guangzhou Airport and our support team will be there to assist you at any time.

Transfer by a private car offers the ultimate level of convenience and comfort. No waiting, no queuing, and no changing modes of transit. It assures that you complete the journey quickly without expended effort. The private car service is highly recommended for time-sensitive business travelers, travelers with a lot of luggage, families traveling with children, and seniors.

Travel Steps:

Step 1: Exit the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and reach the Terminal 1 or 2 

Step 2: Meet your driver at the terminal 

Step 3: Arrive at your destination. 

Final Thoughts:

Every transportation from Guangzhou to Dongguan has its pros and cons. However, transport options like trains and buses are available for those willing to allocate extra time on travel planning, transit between different stations, and multiple stops. 

If you’re traveling to Asia for the first time, you are likely to experience several new challenges along the way. Inconvenient communication barriers, luggage carrying for longer distances, and changes in transport are all things first time travelers have to deal with on their first visit. In such cases, taking a car service is recommended to save time, and enjoy an additional comfort and convenience to your experience. A car service offers friendly and helpful drivers who will greet you on your arrival and will wait for you even if your flight is delayed or arrives early. All car services are door-to-door, so you’re guaranteed one smooth ride to your final destination.

Hopefully with this guide you’re better prepared for what to expect during your visit to Guangzhou and Dongguan. At least in terms of transport, you’ll know exactly what’s available and which choice is best for you.

Asia Car Service provides private limousine transfers. If you are interested in private car service for your Guangzhou City or Airport to Dongguan journey, don’t hesitate to contact us: bookings@asiacarservice.com.

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