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Getting to Hong Kong From Shenzhen Wan Port

by Asia Car Service

At only 50 kilometers (31 miles) apart, Shenzhen and Hong Kong are close neighbors. To go from one to the other can take from 20 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the specific points of your departure and destination. However, even though these two cities technically belong to China, they share a border like any other you would see between two countries.

This is because Hong Kong was previously a British colony, and when it was given back to China an agreement was signed that would maintain its independent culture and laws for a given period of time. Nonetheless, that resulted in a controlled border crossing that you will have to pass through, if you plan on hopping over to either side.

Best Way From Shenzhen to Hong Kong

Even though there is a clear borderline through which everyone must pass to get from one city to the other, there are numerous points of entry through which you can pass. The “best” point of entry depends entirely on where you are in Shenzhen, and where you are going in Hong Kong. One such point of entree is the Shenzhen Wan Port crossing. 

Shenzhen Wan Port

The Shenzhen Wan Port (深圳湾口岸) border crossing offers an easy experience for travelers, as both the China Mainland border officers’ counters and the Hong Kong border officers’ counters are located within the same building. Essentially, allowing you to enter the building from one jurisdiction and exit the same building already in the next jurisdiction.

Additionally, this border has the option of buses at either side that travel well into either city. As well as, vehicle-accessible checkpoints whereby you can take a shuttle from one of the local providers or ride in your own pre-arranged car service.

Nevertheless, this border does have a few limitations worth noting:

  1. This border is not open 24-hours – The border is open from 6:30 – 24:00, meaning if you arrive between the hours of 00:00 – 6:30, you should arrange to go through the Huanggang Port (皇岗口岸) crossing, as this is the only border open 24-hours.

  2. No metro/subway option – Though not an issue for many travelers, it is worth noting that this border crossing is neither accessible through the Hong Kong MTR nor through the Shenzhen Metro. Only buses, taxis, and cars have access to this border.

Shenzhen – Hong Kong Border Crossing

What to Expect When Crossing the Shenzhen – Hong Kong Border?

As with any other border crossing, you can expect the same standard security checks: x-ray machines, metal detectors, and officers checking passports at their counters. As you enter through one side of the border, you may need to pass your luggage through an x-ray machine, after which, there will be a queue as you wait for an available counter.

From there, the officer at the counter will check your passport for exit clearance, then you will walk across the border to the other side where you will likely be scanned by a temperature sensor, to ensure you are not ill. Another line will await you on the other side. 

Once you arrive at the next line of counters, another officer will check your passport to clear you for entry. After this second check, you will officially be on the other side and now your only worry will be locating the best form of transport.

Alternatively, if you decide to cross more comfortably from inside a car, you will simply board the vehicle at one end, pass through two booths (similar to toll booths on a highway), an officer will check your passport at either booth, and once you have been cleared your driver will take you wherever you need to go.

What Should I Prepare Before Crossing?

You should definitely make sure you have your Passport, a valid visa, and proof of funds before crossing. Visas for Hong Kong are given on arrival for most nationalities, however, visas-on-arrival for China are only available to a select group of nationalities. Make sure to check if your country applies, if not then be sure to arrange for a visa before arriving.

Finally, the proof of funds may not be entirely necessary, however you shouldn’t be surprised if the border officer asks how you plan to pay for your visit. At which point you can show them you have sufficient cash or credit cards that you will be using during your stay.

Best Way to Get From Shenzhen to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport Transfers and Transfers into Hong Kong

As mentioned previously, the best way to get around Hong Kong and Shenzhen is with your own reliable private car service. This is because public transport, taxis, and local drivers can be crowded, unreliable, or downright unqualified at times. 

Traveling with the comfort of being driven by a professional local driver and having 24-hour customer assistance is an invaluable asset. We would recommend you consider booking a private car on your next visit, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Traveling From Shenzhen to Hong Kong

All in all, the best route depends on your individual needs. Shenzhen has borders to Hong Kong in almost all its districts and regardless of where you need to arrive, you are likely to find a great option at all border crossings. Shenzhen Wan is one option for crossing that hundreds of thousands of travelers go through each day.


One last tip, be sure to plan ahead so you aren’t crossing during a holiday or at peak hours, simply to avoid the hassle of having to wait in line for hours on end. A little planning beforehand can save you hours on the day of your trip. We encourage you to leave us a comment about your personal experience crossing this border. Most importantly, we hope you have a wonderful trip!

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