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Shenzhen city skyline


Shenzhen City: 5 Places You Don’t Want to Miss!

by Asia Car Service

What if we told you it’s possible to travel all of China in one day? Or, that you could travel around the entire world the day after that? If you’re vacationing for a week then you’d still have 5 days to spare! 

The next few days you could go for a swim, buy a few art pieces by Van Gogh or Rembrandt (or both!), and walk around Asia’s Silicon Valley! These are only a few of the things Shenzhen city has to offer its visitors.

This modern city will shock and amaze you with its fast-paced lifestyle that showcases both the futuristic and traditional melting pot of cultures that China hosts. The following is a list of the places, we believe, everyone planning a trip to Shenzhen should see.

1. Window of the World

Window of the world amusement park Shenzhen

Remember how we said you could visit the whole world in a day? A visit to Shenzhen should not go without seeing the incredible Window of the World (世界之窗). This vast theme park stretches out across 118 acres, offering sights of some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. 

There are 130 replicas of the most famous landmarks on display. Visitors can take a walk by the 108 meter tall Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or even the Taj Mahal, all within a short distance from one another. 

Besides seeing these replicas of the wonders of the world, all visitors can also enjoy a variety of rides, activities, and numerous artistic performances. Those arriving during the Spring Festival or other holiday seasons in China can also attend their festival-related events. 

Organized shows, varied activities, events and the beautiful sights of the “whole-world-in-one-place” make Window of the World the perfect place to visit by tourists of all ages. 

Open hours: 9am – 10:30pm

Price: around $30 

Time required: half day or a full day visit

2. Splendid China – Folk Culture Villages

Splendid China - Folk Culture Villages

We also mentioned you could travel China in a day, if you’d rather keep things local. There are two theme parks that together make up Shenzhen’s Splendid China Folk Village. The Splendid China Miniature Park and the China Folk Culture Village. Visitors planning to visit this theme park can purchase a single ticket to visit both. 

The Splendid China Miniature Park showcases China’s most famous tourist attractions and establishments. Whereas, the China Folk Village displays many of the ethnic groups present in China. After all, China’s a massive country comprised of 56 different ethnic groups that all have their own individual traditions and cultural background.

While, the above mentioned Window of the World offers a “walk around the world,” the Splendid China Folk Village offers a “walk around China and a deeper understanding of its culture”. You can enjoy the likes of the Great Wall, countless royal palaces, and vast temples.

If the famous sights from around the country weren’t enough, visitors can also enjoy many acrobatic and choreographed dance performances by local performers. The park offers historical architecture, a gorgeous scenery, exciting entertainment options, a look at China’s traditional culture, and so much more. As such, it’s the perfect way to spend a half or a full day for visitors of all ages.

Open hours: 9am – 9pm (with last entry at 6pm)

Price: around $20 

Time required: half day or a full day visit

3. Dafen Oil Painting Village

Here’s where you can show off your refined artistic knowledge! The Dafen Oil Painting Village is located in Buji, a suburb in the Longgang district of Shenzhen city. Funnily enough, this “genuine artist village” is most famous for its creation of copies or replicas of some of history’s most proclaimed works of art.

Visitors can take a casual stroll through the art village’s tight alleyways and see how the local artists replicate some of the world’s most famous artwork. These small streets are lined with artists painting, creating, and crafting the pieces in their art studios, shops, and even on the street. 

Many people hire these artists to create original pieces as well, it’s not all replicas. There’s a wide selection of art, from traditional oil paintings to abstract contemporary art printed on glass. You can even bring your own picture to any of these studios and the artists can recreate the image on an oil canvas.

Even though the prices are already considered pretty affordable, there’s always room for bargaining, which is an intrinsic part of Chinese shopping culture. You even have the option of having your selected art pieces shipped internationally, in case you’d rather not add to your luggage.

Open hours: 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 6pm

Price: No entrance fee 

Time required: half day or a full day visit

4. Dameisha Beach

Located in Mirs Bay, Dameisha is one of the largest sandy beaches in Shenzhen. This Beach Park was built to provide its visitors with many fun activities to choose from. The park welcomes everyone with plenty of restaurants, shops, and relaxation options. 

Here, one can decide to ride a motorbike, lay on the beach, go for a swim, go parasailing, have a barbecue with friends, go for a nice walk, and so much more.

Dameisha Beach in Shenzhen

All these activities make this the perfect location for visitors of all ages and groups of all sizes. Friends, family, couples, seniors, etc. can all enjoy the sun and sea fun just an hour’s car ride away from the busy life of Shenzhen city. 

Dameisha Beach tends to get very busy during evenings and weekends, so take this into account before visiting. Especially if you’re planning on arriving by bus because these can be very crowded at peak hours.

Open hours: All day 

Price: Free, except the entertainment activities 

Time required: half day or a full day visit

5. Light shows

Last, but certainly not least, a trip to Shenzhen wouldn’t be complete without seeing at least one of its famous light shows. There are plenty of small light shows around the city, however, the 3 must-see light shows in Shenzhen city are: 

Sea World Light Show 

The picturesque ocean-themed Sea World was one of the first locations in Shenzhen to hold a light show. It’s unique as it not only happens on the water, making the show a combination of lights and fire, but it also takes place near the area’s iconic land-locked Minghua ship. 

Near the observing area there are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from, that offer a beautiful view of the show from your table. This might arguably be the best way for visitors to watch the show, as the designated standing area tends to get a bit overcrowded before and during the spectacle. 

SeaWorld is a popular hang-out place for many expats living in the city. Besides enjoying a variety of food and drinks, and seeing the light show, visitors can also go for a nice stroll next to the Shekou seaside. 

Open hours: All day 

Show Hours: 7 – 8pm on weekdays and 8 – 9pm on weekends / duration 10 minutes

Price: Free

Time required: 2 – 3 hours 

Talent Park 

Talent Park Light show Shenzhen

Located near the Shenzhen Bay border crossing is one of Shenzhen’s newest parks. 

The Talent Park stands in place of what used to be an ocean area, and it has now been turned into the biggest piece of urban green land in Shenzhen’s Houhai zone. 

The light show here is a step up from Sea World’s because the lights are displayed across Houhai’s many beautiful skyscrapers. Adding to this, the lights also reflect on the water surrounding the buildings, making this one of the most incredible experiences for all visitors. 

Open hours: All day 

Show Hours: Every evening after 8pm 

Price: Free

Time required: 2 – 3 hours 

Lianhuashan Park 

Located in Futian’s Central Business District, the Lianhuashan Park Light Show or the “Shenzhen Civic Square Light Show” might offer the most memorable experience of the Top 3 Shenzhen light shows. This is thanks to its location, making it possible to enjoy from more than one angle. 

These different angles include the massive concrete Civic Center Square and an urban park with its own hill. Those wishing to see the “full-picture” can hike up the Lianhua hill and watch the show from the view point at the top. The hike is not too long, however, there are plenty of stairs and it tends to get tiring, especially during the warmer months.  

We recommend taking a bottle of water with you and preparing to wait at the top at least half an hour before the show begins, as it can get pretty crowded. Visitors can also watch the show from the Civic Center square below which offers the unique experience of being surrounded by the lit up buildings during the light show.


The two viewing areas are within a short distance from one another. We recommend you watch one light show at 7:30pm in Lianhua hill and then take a walk down to the Civic Center Square to catch the next show. This way you can experience the light show from “above and within.”

Open hours: All day 

Show Hours: Fridays, Saturdays and National Holidays (3 Shows per night 7:30, 8:30, 9:30pm)

Price: Free

Time required: 2 – 3 hours

A Perfect Way To Sight-See in Shenzhen

A woman arriving from Jakarta to Bogor by a private car

Those planning a visit to Shenzhen and wishing to see as many places as possible can consider booking a reliable car hire service. A private car hire ensures all your visits to the theme parks, light shows, and other attractions go as smoothly as possible, with little to no time wasted. 

After all, Shenzhen is a big and fast-paced city that can be confusing at the best of times, especially for first time visitors.

By reserving a private car service, visitors have a car and driver to take them to and from the areas they wish to explore. No pre- planning and extensive research needed. With a car service passengers can enjoy a smooth ride by a professional, English speaking, driver familiar with the best route to their chosen destination(s). 

If there are other attractions we didn’t mention in this blog post that you’d wish to see or share, feel free to leave us a comment. Thank you and safe travels!

If you’re planning a trip to China, take advantage of our online discount (click the image below) and book your private car and driver now! Make your journey stress-free and contact our 24/7 team at bookings@asiacarservice.com.

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