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People crossing the busy Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo – 5 Classy Restaurant & Bars with Amazing Tokyo Views

by Asia Car Service

Tokyo has been among some of the most popular travel destination for decades. This colorful and thriving city is well-known for business and tourism. In fact, many people from all over the world visit the city for various purposes. For temples, shrines, gardens, gadgets, nightlife, and so much more. 

For all those visiting this world famous destination for cuisine, among other things, we’ve prepared a list of the best places to enjoy your meal. The following is a list of the top 5 classy Tokyo rooftop bars and restaurants. All of which, alongside delicious food serve incredible views. 

1. Bar Six: Asakusa 

Situated at the top of the extremely cultural Amuse Museum, the rooftop bar offers a splendid evening sight. Most outstanding being the illuminated pagoda as well as temple buildings close to Sensoji Temple. The outdoor terrace sitting arrangement provides an outstanding view of Sky Tree. You can enjoy drinks, which include wine, cocktails and an array of Belgian beers. The menu of casual food includes light bar snacks and pizza. 

The good thing about Bar Six is that it never gets too crowded. Even on the weekends, which is great for those looking for a quiet place for food, drinks, and hang outs. 

The excellent service of the bar is what makes the visit an even more pleasant experience. 

2. Hacienda del Cielo Modern Mexicano

All visitors can enjoy Mexican food along with the Tokyo city view on the ninth-floor of the Hacienda del Cielo in central Daikanyama. The restaurant is also known as the “Place in the Sky” thanks to its lofty ceilings, tall windows with breathtaking views, and lounge-style seating. What better place to enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine than at a rooftop bar and restaurant? 

The spacious rooftop terrace is the perfect get-together spot for meetings with business partners, friends, or loved ones. The food menu includes familiar staples like fajitas, tacos and arroz a la mexicana, which are all worth a try. 

With its outstanding food, drinks, and views it comes as no surprise that Hacienda del Cielo regularly receives positive reviews. 

3. Sky Lounge Stellar Gardens

Sky Lounge Stellar Gardens, offers by far the most astounding sight of Tokyo Tower in Japan. This luxurious bar and restaurant is situated on the 33rd floor of the “Prince Hotel” in Tokyo. From here visitors can enjoy the view of Sky Tree and the elegant Tokyo Tower. 

The view from the lounge bar is spectacular during the day and night. However, at night the Tower is enlightened with the iconic white and orange lighting making the whole experience more unique. The sight from the Sky Lounge is an excellent way to enjoy the magnitude of the structure. Especially for those seated at the window seats. 

4. Casita

Aoyama’s Casita feels like a luxurious resort which is creatively divided into 4 separate sections that connect with one another. There is the primary dining area with its prime Italian fare. The “Lounge” is the second dining area, which is also known as a relaxing bar area. Then there is a terrace, with a more laid back atmosphere, tasty tapas and free-flowing plonk on offer. 

At Casita, amazing dining experience is almost guaranteed. Especially because there are different dining options available, each with its own unique style. So it comes as no surprise this is considered to be one of the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Tokyo.

Casita also treats all its visitors with a complimentary glass of champagne as a sign of a warm welcome. Champagne in hand, rich array of delicious dishes and the Tokyo city views will definitely make this dinner one of a lifetime experience. 

5. Xex Daikanyama

Last but not least is the remarkable outdoor rooftop bar in Tokyo – Xex Daikanyama. It is the ideal place to spend a lovely evening with your friends, colleagues, or loved ones. 

Among other,  Xex Daikanyama is considered one of the finest bar and restaurant complexes due to its music and drinks.  The bar features a heady mixture of sultry jazz and top-notch cocktails, as well as drinks of all kinds, providing all the visitors with a pleasant atmosphere.

Its terrace creates a relaxed atmosphere with a potent mixture of flickering lanterns and a reflecting pool. The dining style is elegant and the cuisine available to guests include sushi and Japanese dishes. 

Everyone is welcome to experience Xex Daikanyama. However the restaurant also has a membership system, which allows its members to reserve some of the best seats beforehand. 

Best Way to Enjoy Your Evening

There are many Tokyo bars and restaurants to choose from. However, those looking for the best rooftop bars in Tokyo with incredible views we recommend to check out at least one from the above list. All of the mentioned restaurants and bars offer a unique dining experience worth remembering for a lifetime. 

For a smooth evening and minimum pre-planning you might consider booking a safe and reliable Tokyo car service to take you to the doorstep of some of these stunning locations. With a car service you can easily have a vehicle waiting for you to take you to and from your dinner location.  This way you can eliminate the stress of figuring out the public transportation system, local transportation timetable, or catching a taxi. Instead, have a prearranged ride, for minimum difference in price and catered completely to your needs and to your evening plans.

If you have been to one of the places mentioned above or have some suggestions, please feel free to let us know in the below comment section. 

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