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The Best Way to Go from Keelung Port to Taipei

by Asia Car Service

Planning a Visit to Taiwan?

Taiwan, or Formosa, is an island off the Eastern coast of Mainland China. Though the island itself may not seem very big from a map, it’s home to over 23 million residents! Not only are these residents some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, you’ll also find a wide variety of delicious foods, beautiful places, and a deep-rooted culture that’ll make your visit unforgettable.

Consequently, its island-nature has made it a key destination for many cruise line routes. If you happen to be traveling through, you should know how to best move around so you can soak up every minute of your time in this picturesque island!

Keelung Port 

Located in the northeastern part of Taiwan is Keelung City. The city is, among other things, known as the country’s second largest seaport (right after Kaohsiung).

The port alone offers many different activities and places to see, just a short walking distance from the pier. If you arrive and are unsure of what to visit, fear not, there’s a board displayed outside the port’s parking lot showcasing photos of all the major sights one can explore here. 

However, the main destination for most cruise ship visitors is the capital city, Taipei. 

Taipei City 

Approximately 16 miles (24km) from Keelung is the busy city of Taipei, with more than 2.5 million people living there. This modern metropolis is a thriving hub of business and tourism, comparable to some of the world’s biggest cities.

Japanese colonial alleys, bustling shopping streets, tall skyscrapers filling its world-famous skyline (with Taipei 101 included), and the lively night markets crowded with delicious street-food stands are just a few things that make Taipei a perfect stop for a visit during your cruise vacation.

If you’re docking in Keelung but want to hop over to Taipei City, the following are the best ways to travel from Keelung Port to Taipei during your cruise ship stop.

We will compare each option based on the most important priorities for travelers. This includes door- to-door travel time, convenience, comfort, and general cost.

  1. Time: How many hours do I have to spend to get from Osaka Airport to my Kyoto destination?
  2. Convenience: How many transit switches and different modes of transport will I have to make?
  3. Comfort: How comfortable am I sharing a full vehicle, and walking with all my luggage for varying distances at different points in the journey?
  4. Cost: What is my budget for this journey? Am I willing to spend more for a reduced time, increased convenience, and comfort?

Keelung Port to Taipei By Train 

Aerial view of a train traveling on the elevated track of Danhai Light Rail System near Tamsui District Office Station with residential towers in background in New Taipei City

Travel Time: 50 minutes

Convenience: Moderate

Comfort: Medium

Travel Cost: $


Those looking to get from Keelung to Taipei by train can do so by reaching the Keelung Railway Station. The train station is located a short 10 minute walk across the narrow harbor. 

The trains run frequently from the Keelung train station and arrive at Taipei Main Station. Travel time is approximately about 40 to 50 minutes, depending on the type of train you are traveling with. Here is the updated schedule of all daily train rides. 

Upon arriving in Taipei city you may wish to consider booking a daily car hire to ensure the best and easiest sightseeing experience.


Those trying to make it back on time to Taipei and then back to Keelung port should take into account the amount of time spent traveling between the two cities. 

Keelung Port to Taipei By Bus

Dawn view of a pedestrian footbridge over a busy street corner in Taipei City with Taipei 101 Tower and World Trade Center in Xinyi District

Travel Time: 1 hour

Convenience: Moderate

Comfort: Medium

Travel Cost: $


There are a few bus companies that cover the route from Keelung city to Taipei. One of which is the Kuo Kang. The buses use two bus terminals beside the Taipei Main Station. Kuo Kuang express buses depart from Keelung bus station (Keelung Railway Station) to Taipei West Bus Station, Terminal A. 

The buses are quite frequent, departing every 10 to 20 minutes. The journey can take from 40 minutes to 1 hour, depending on where you wish to go.

Once you reach Taipei, you can then use the MRT in Taipei Main Station to get around the city. A one-day pass is valid from the start of service until the end, while a 24hr pass is valid for 24 hours since first use.


The bus is faster than train for most destinations, however it might prove to be difficult to use for someone who can’t speak and read Chinese. We advise you to download a translator app of your choice prior to your visit. We recommend Baidu Translate or Google Translate (make sure to download the Chinese language package for offline use!)

Keelung Port to Taipei by Private Car 

Mercedes S-Class

Travel Time: 25 minutes

Convenience: High

Comfort: High

Travel Cost: Get A Quote


A private car service provides by far the most hassle-free and comfortable experience. By booking a private vehicle to take you to your desired locations, you can easily avoid the worry of how and where to pick your transfer to Taipei. 

Instead, have a car and driver waiting for you upon your disembarkment. Eliminate language barriers by enjoying a smooth ride with a professional English-speaking driver in a clean vehicle of your choice. A short window of time to see a busy city like Taipei can be overwhelming. However, having the reassurance of a reliable and safe car service will melt away that stress, leaving ‘cruisers’ to enjoy all the local attractions Taipei city has to offer, completely worry-free.


For those wishing to make sure there is enough time to see all the most popular places of choice in Taipei we recommend booking a daily car hire. This way you can decide on the itinerary and have sightseeing completely catered to your schedule. 

Keelung Port to Taipei By Taxi 

A taxi sign with the Chinese characters

Travel Time: 30 minutes

Convenience: Moderate

Comfort: Medium to High

Travel Cost: $$


Taxi is also one of the faster ways to get from Keelung city to Taipei. All visitors can locate the taxi stand when arriving to the Keelung Port and proceed to Taipei city. The journey from Keelung city to Taipei by taxi will take around 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. The taxi will drop you off at the desired location, and from there you can continue exploring the city of Taipei.


We recommend taking into account there will be other cruise passengers trying to find their way around. This might result in long queues and a long wait time to get an available car.

Enjoy Exploring Taipei City

Keelung city and the port are relatively close to Taipei. However, the mentioned transfer options differ in the amount of time necessary to reach Taipei city. For anyone visiting via cruise, remember to keep in mind the stops usually have time limits and require travelers to return to the ship by a certain time. 

To best use the time frame you have available, a car service is by far the best choice. No queuing, no waiting, and no walking to the station needed. Travelers can locate their driver quick and easy upon arriving to the pier and continue their journey to the city. 

On the other hand, those arriving to the Keelung port looking for the best way to get to the Taipei Airport can book a direct, timely, and easy Keelung Port to Taipei Airport transfer.

Asia Car Service provides private limousine transfers. If you are interested in private car service for your Keelung or Kaohsiung Cruise Port to Taipei journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us: bookings@asiacarservice.com.

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